Monday, March 28, 2016

Urban Armor Gear for LG G4 (UAG Case)

Here's a review that I have decided to republish:

The LG G4 Urban Armor Gear case

This is a fantastic case that's very styling. It's very easy to put on and take off, but it does have its cons as well. For example, if you are using a leather case, then it's a bit more difficult to take off - well, let me explain. The actual case is easy to take off, but it usually rips off the leather back case as well.

The edges have drop protection, the case is very well made. I can honestly say that this is probably one of the BEST cases you can ever find if you're looking for something that protects your device. It has lips in every direction so you know that your phone will never get scratched if you leave it on a table face down or face up, which is important if you're also worried about scratching the screen or the camera.

The actual design is actually quite nice. It looks very modern. This isn't the case you'd probably give your grandma or take into an office meeting. I think UAG is going for a modern younger look. Of course with words like GEAR and ARMOR, you're not going to get those shiny mirror cases from other brands, or the bland styling of another case that you can get off of AliExpress or eBay for a fraction of the case. I mean, just look at the faux screws in there! They don't really do anything, but add a nice flare of armor and military design.

I have access to many of the leather and ceramic and plastic backs from LG, all official. So I thought I'd take some pictures with each case so that you could see what it looks like.
The current backs that I have access to are:

  • Leather black
  • Leather mint
  • Gold
  • White

I'd say the best backs are the plastic ones. This is good because if you're using a leather back, and try to remove the case, the case removes the back with it and this is actually somewhat problematic since it's sometimes harder to remove the leather back from the case than removing the actual case! - Then again, it's not such a big deal. While that might be one of the negative points, I must add how UAG has made every cut out absolutely perfect. The IR blaster has a perfect cut out, the micro USB charging port is large enough to accommodate every single charger I own. The headphone port fits every pair of headphones I own, too - but that's not hard, I often use the smaller headed headphones. Every microphone is open and allows sound to travel through with ease. All the buttons are accessible as well (power, volume up and down). The camera opening is more than enough and, more importantly, the flash isn't messed with by the edges of the case - a very common issue with a lot of cases that are cheaper (I can't tell you how many times a flash has destroyed a picture when it bounces off a case and this totally ruins the moment!) Good job UAG :)

The case offers fantastic protection, just as we have come to expect from UAG. On the other hand, it does make the device noticeably fatter. If you don't mind the looks of a fatter device, then you can rest assure knowing that UAG has your LG covered!

+Very durable
+Protects device from drops, scratches from the table and lifts it with slight lips on the table.
+A lot of attention is paid to the design of these cases

-Price could be cheaper, but with all the design and engineering behind the case, I'd say it's justified if you value your device.
-It makes your device heftier and thicker.

Enjoy the picture gallery!

LG G4 UAG case