Saturday, April 2, 2016

LG G4 vs LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge picture shootout (informal)

Hello everyone! I am very impatiently waiting for some new devices to get to my doorstep, so what I did was head downtown and take some pictures with the sample phones at the stores!

Disclaimer: I'd like to say that these are in no way professional pictures. I just grabbed the phones, opened the camera app and made sure they were on auto mode, and focused them and snapped the shots. I believe this is how most people will take pictures, but still - this isn't professional photography, it was just playing around!

LG G5 specifications 16mpx, f/1.8
LG G4 specifications 16mpx, f/1.8
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 12mpx, f/1.7

Here are the results of just pointing and shooting after focusing (as 90% of the people will do when they take a picture). All pictures were taken in auto mode:

First Test

LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

(at a distance) 

Check out these shots. They were taken side by side.
 As you can see, the G4 on the right takes a fantastic shot, but the S7 Edge takes a brighter shot. But upon double clicking on the windows default photos app on each picture in the same area you can see this:

If we take a closer look at these pictures side by side:

All of the picture as a whole is brighter, yes, but we're missing a lot of details. The G4 picture is much sharper and easier to read. Compare A and B, and then C and D.

I was very impressed with the build quality of the S7E, but not at all with the picture quality... Low light, yes, but picture quality as a whole no.

Second Test

LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

(Closer up) 

Then I decided to check out some closer up pictures (not macro).
Once again, we can see the S7E picture is brighter, which is now expected. 

Both take good pictures, but once again, details are missing from the S7E! 

Look at A and B, and then the S part of the sign, in D it is smoother, while in C you can see it is slightly blurred.

Third Test

LG G4 vs LG G5

I took a picture of a door... Hmm... Sorry!
They both look great.
Zoomed in

The white balance is nicer and more correct on the G5. Take a look at A and B, detail is almost identical, and colors are better on A than B (more true to life).

Since this picture didn't produce any winners or losers, even though G5 was a little better in colors, I took the SAME picture but didn't focus on what I clicked to focus! But rather in the corner.

G5 clearly has clearer words. Winner :)

Fourth Test

LG G4 vs LG G5

Colors are CLEARLY better on the G5
Let's zoom on on those letters :)
Specifically that "a" (for example).
In A, that "a" is clearly more in focus and less fuzzy than in B.

Fifth Test

LG G4 vs LG G5

My partner just got a G4 on Amazon to replace the aging Xperia Z Ultra. I asked to use it and placed it on the table. I took these pictures, I know... from different angles, but what we're looking for is the different quality in shots! I took 3 pictures from each (3 from the G4, and then 3 from the G5, but one was with the second camera). These were the best of the two:
Zoom in.
The G4 takes AWESOME shots, but look at the difference in detail! 
A - in focus
B - is not in focus
C - in focus
D - is not in focus
E - you can see the G4 is brand new with the sticker on the volume rocker
F - You can't even see it! 

I really would like to say that I was expecting the S7E to take much better pictures than it did, sadly. Regardless, I'm very happy to say that the LG G4 is a FANTASTIC shooter. 1 year old, slower processor, less memory, a couple of updates later and it's still rocking a very good camera. As of right now the LG G4 costs around 350€ on Amazon Spain, and the LG G5 is on pre-order for 700€. Maybe these prices will change, but for now that's what they are. I'd say the G5 is superior, of course, but is it double the price superior? Well, that's up to you! 

Winner is the G5 without a doubt.
Followed by the G4
S7E is great, but not as good as the other 2! (surprising, right?)

Thanks everyone for reading and looking :) Remember, this was just for fun! ;) Enjoy your devices :)

Here are all the pictures in their original forms, no zooming or anything.