Saturday, May 14, 2016

LG G5 Time-lapse vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hyper-lapse

Time Lapse and Hyper Lapse videos on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5

The UI

The interface of the LG is always a pleasure. I really do think the that the UI is much cleaner and much more professional on the LG G5. They have been doing camera and video UI much better for the last few years - better than most other phones. The only other UI that I think can match or even surpass this UI is the Lumia UI way back when. Regardless, here is screen capture of the UI

Here is the UI of the Galaxy S7 Edge

The first option you'll notice between the two is that the LG doesn't have this "auto" mode. The Samsung is able to look at the video you're recording and slow down specific parts and speed up others. It actually makes a pretty cool effect. If you don't like it, you can turn off Auto and do it manually, just like the LG.

Both record time lapse and hyper lapse videos at 1080p by default. The LG can be lowered to other resolutions, but the Samsung cannot be changed. Why you can't is beyond me. Ask Samsung!

Regardless, here are the two clips on auto for the Samsung and Auto on the LG. These were about 12 or 13 minutes in real life.



Honestly, they are both great - but the auto is VERY good! I really enjoyed that. You won't see so much change in this video since clouds generally follow the same speed - but when walking around recording people or streets, it automatically slows down for parts and then speeds back up. I really enjoy that.

Wide Angle vs Standard camera on the LG

The LG can also record a time lapse with the wide angle lens which is just spectacular!
Here is the FOV of the normal sensor on the LG:
And here is the FOV of the camera with the wide angle lens:
You just get so much more out of the image with the 8mpx wide-angled lens, even though the corners are a little bit more distorted as if it were a fisheye lens. The end product is no less magnificent.

Here is a video of the wide angle time lapse.

Pros and cons to each:
+ Very good settings
+ Ability to lower resolution if desired
+ Wide angle hyper lapse is fantastic
+ Fantastic quality
+ Ability to choose speed

- No automatic slowdown or speed up

+ Very good auto setting will speed up the boring moments and slow down the action moments
+ Ability to choose speed
+ Fantastic quality

- Can't modify resolution
- No wide angle lens without the Galaxy Lens Cover kit, which I have on its way.

I'd say they are both very good devices, but the LG wins in this department, but Samsung very close by due to that auto mode.