Saturday, May 7, 2016

LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 Edge: Decisions, Decisions...

Well, I sent back the first LG G5 because it had some defects that I didn't like.

  • Not flush SIM tray.
  • Unaligned magic slot
  • Battery life was very sub par
  • Bubbles under the paint
Now I have a new G5 that is in perfect condition :) I'm a happy camper! 

I think on a device that costs as much as this one does you should expect and actually get a device that's perfect. In reality, the LG G5 costs roughly the same as the S7E if you price hunt a little. 

I really like both phones. The G5 feels like a traditional phone that's very light. The S7E feels like a piece of art. I wouldn't dream of using either of these phones without a case. For the G5 I have a UAG case, which in my experience have been the best bang for the buck, and for the S7E I have a UAG case and a Supcase Unicorn Beetle case which really makes the phone feels ultra protected, as does the UAG case. But when I publish my case reviews you'll see the difference between them.

Well, one of my most favorite things to do is to really look at the cameras. This is where I am most interested, and I am REALLY having a hard time deciding. Each device has it's own strong points and weak points...

Photography is really important to me, and I think the G5 offers better options, but I am also worried about build quality over time...  The Galaxy S7 Edge, if you take care of it, offers superb build quality... and a very very fast camera. 

Today I'm taking both cameras out and I'm going to review both shooters with 100% automatic modes, only focusing manually in a secondary shot. 

I'm going after the best basic shot. I know with manual mode you can fix everything, but when you're on vacation or you want to capture that shot you won't have time to play with white balance or exposure times...

So let's see how it goes!