Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Supcase Unicorn Beetle case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Hello everyone! And welcome to another one of my reviews. I just wanted to tell everyone about the Supcase Unicorn Beetle case. I got this off of Amazon for 19€ from Amazon Spain.

But is it a good case? Let's find out!

This has to be ONE OF my FAVORITE cases if you're looking for top level protection for a low price - but there are a lot of compromises.

 This a dual layer case. This means that you have to first insert your phone in the section of the left and then you have to fit it into the section to the right. This is how it gives you so much protection. First, it is suspended in the left plastic frame. After you insert it into the right silicone and rugged plastic you get a dual layer case.

As you can see in this image the top ear speaker and all the sensors are completely exposed but they are also protected from drops. This case also adds a lip to the phone so that if you were to place it screen down on a table the phone would clear the table considerably not having to worry about scratches while sliding it around on the table. It shouldn't slide around regardless due to the fact that the case is also rubbery, so it should stand its ground on an airplane tray table or your own glass table.

 There are also some rubber feet on the back of the phone as well to avoid sliding around.

 I do believe that Supcase stole some of its inspiration from the UAG case (here's a shot from my upcoming UAG case)

It's hard NOT to see the similarities in design, right?

 Regardless of the design, we can see that the edge corners are exposed all the while being protected, which is good. They do not have any negative effect on the actual usage of the screen or the edges. Everything is very usable still - you can tell that they spent a lot of time and R&D on this device case so every little feature is still accessible. Kudo points for you, Supcase. :)

One thing to note about this case is that most Supcase Unicorn Beetle cases come with a screen protector attached to the front, but this design didn't. Right now manufacturers are having a hard time creating screen protectors for the S7 Edge because of the curved display. Just keep that in mind. This case doesn't lift up the screen protectors since your device sits IN it rather than wrapping the case around it.

The weight on the other hand of this case is actually A LOT. It makes the phone much heavier.

Weights for the S7 Edge:
  • 157 grams -  No case at all (and just a screen protector on)
  • 213 grams - With the Supcase Unicorn Beetle + the same screen protector on mentioned before
That is pretty substantial - but I guess for the dual layer protection you're getting it's all right. But I am telling you, it feels like a brick now - so heavy!

Even though it may look like the corners are extra protected, I don't believe they are any thicker than any other part of the rim of the case.  I could be wrong, but just by looking at it inside, it does seem this way. Regardless, it does feel very substantial and protected.

The charging port and 3.5mm jack are protected with a silicon flap. This is a very good idea for those phones that aren't waterproofed, but I don't think it's 100% necessary for the S7 Edge since it is already waterproof.

On the downside of these flaps, I feel that they're very rugged - they put a lot of pressure on the micro usb charger when plugged in and also the 3.5mm headphone jack. It's probably nothing, but you can feel the resistance it is putting up while plugging it in.

 Buttons are plenty tactile and clicky. So no issues here!
The ring around the camera lens and LED doesn't affect your shooting abilities at all, yay for that! Some cases do give you a ring while shooting with the LED.

How about how easily it comes out of your pocket? It slides right out! The rubber is a very smooth rubber so it doesn't grab onto the inside of your pocket like silicone cases do. While on the topic of your pocket, it does add some thickness to your device (of course). Which means that it'll mark your inside pocket a little bit more, too ;). So bulging phone outline is way more noticeable than without a case FOR SURE. 

Heat - I never felt my phone warm to begin with, and so with the case I didn't feel it either. While using the fast charger, normally the S7E gets warm, or maybe even warmer than normal but never hot. In the case you are bound to notice that it doesn't get as warm. This is probably because the layer between your hand and the phone is so thick that you won't really feel the heat! That's good and bad. Good because you won't feel the heat, and bad because the heat will be trapped inside the case and will take longer to dissipate. 

In the end, the design is nice, it is rugged and it will protect your phone very well despite adding all that weight I'd say it's a keeper!

Here are some photos comparing it to the S7 Edge Urban Armor Gear case, coming up in the next review.

I'd say give it a go! It's only 19,00 euros and it really does protect your device well

+ Very good protection
+ Protection for money
+ It feels VERY solid in hand, and the weight is something that I like personally, but I can see why it might defer some people
+ Nice design
+ Screen protector friendly

- A little hard to remove from its case
- I don't like the pressure the flaps put on the plugged cords, but I'm sure it won't be a problem. No one has complained about this yet, but it's still something to watch out for in the future! So it goes in this category.
- Heavy - but it gives a sense of solidity and strength